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The multiple applications of Linde's Series 02 units are due to its modular design: the combination of a basic unit with the desired control element and interface option allows for an optimum design of your hydraulic system. Linde's through drive technology for both pumps and motors allows a flexibility of design in a multitude of applications.

21° Technology

The hydrostatic bearing of the rotating group compensates for the axial forces. This significantly increases the life expectancy of the unit. The unique material combination of steel on steel assures a high wear resistant piston-slipper assembly, hence reliable operation of our long-life units. The swash plate design tolerates high radial accelerations.

All the Series 02 units are based on the 21° technology. The increased piston stroke together with the optimized flow paths, give increased efficiency of our rotating groups which transmit more power through smaller build size. Design of rotating group and integrated controlling, regulating and safety functions, lead to compact units with a high degree of integration.


Closed Circuit High Pressure
Variable pumps for closed circuit operation
Open Circuit High Pressure
Self-regulating pumps for open circuit operation
Open Circuit Medium Pressure
For open circuit operation
 HPV-02  HPR-02  MPR
Double, Tandem and Multiple Pumps
For open and closed circuit operation
Integrated Pump/Motor Drive Units
Open Circuit Medium Pressure
For open circuit operation
 Multiple Units  K-02  X-20