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Internal-Gear Motor, Series QXM-HS



The QXM-HS (High Speed) internal-gear motor was developed specifically for use at extremely high speeds. Its first-rate efficiency and extremely low noise levels also make a significant contribution to reducing the costs of both energy and anti-noise measures.

Thanks to the special motor flange, adapted for such applications, and the integral ports for auxiliary functions, the motor can be used in many applications without needing any further modification.


  •    -  Particularly suitable for high speeds
  •    -  Very low hydraulic and mechanical losses
  •    -  Can carry high external radial loads
  •    -  Low noise levels
  •    -  Cost-savings in system design, assembly and maintenance

Technical Data

Type Picture Continuous pressure max. bar Peak pressure bar Effective displacement cm³/rev Speed max. rpm Min. speed rpm Viscosity range mm²/s Data sheet
QXM-HS 240 280 20, 25, 32 10500 100 15 - 1000 QXM42-HS 100-P-000092


  •    -  Saw-drive motor in forestry harvesters
  •    -  Fan drives in mobile machines