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Load Control Valves BBV




Load control valves of this type prevent a hydraulic actuator from running ahead of, or "over-running", the available oil supply. They simultaneously act as a control-, load-holding-, safety- and pipe-rupture valve.


  •    -  Load control valve with pre-opening
  •    -  Load pressure acts in the closing direction; valve closes even with broken spring
  •    -  Leak-free valve seats; hardened, ground and lapped
  •    -  Pilot pressure is almost independent of load pressure (1:66)
  •    -  Pilot pressure can be matched to the system
  •    -  Body-mounted valves can have an integral two-stage secondary pressure relief valve

Technical Data

Type Picture Nominal flow rate l/min Operating pressure, dynamic bar Operating pressure, static bar Nominal size Data Sheet
BBV 50 420 600 6 BBV-6-S 300-P-9050020

BBV-6-C 300-P-9050008




BBV 6 (with SV)


BBV 6 C, BBV 6 (without SV)


  •    -  Body-mounted valve with SAE 1/2" 6000 psi connection or G 3/8" port thread
  •    -  Body-mounted valve with/without secondary pressure relief
  •    -  As type BBV 6 C-... cartridge valve (without secondary pressure relief valve)


  •    -  Boom systems
  •    -  Stabilizer cylinders
  •    -  Winch drives
  •    -  Presses