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Check Valves for SAE Flanged Connections, Fit Between Port and Flange, Sealing on Both Sides RVSAE 3/6DS



Series RVSAE 3/6
Patent No. 38 34 066

These patented combination SAE check valves are centered between the shafts of the four SAE flange bolts. This results in a simple, compact assembly.


  •    -  High pressure rating
  •    -  Virtually zero leakage 
  •    -  Compact construction
  •    -  Same valve body for 3000 psi and 6000 psi
  •    -  Same valve body for check directions A-to-B and B-to-A
  •    -  Optional orifice-bleed in check direction


Technical Data

Type Picture Nominal Sizes Opening Pressures bar Flow rate, max. l/min Operating Pressure, max. bar Data Sheet
RVSAE  3/4"... 2" 0.2... 4 1000 420 RVSAE 170-P-060000

Users Guide 170-P-059000





with 180°-inverted installation




with 180°-inverted installation



  •    -  Agricultural machinery
  •    -  Construction machines
  •    -  General mechanical engineering