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Check Valves DERV



Series DERV pilot-operated check valves lock a cylinder in any rest position. 
They are intended for direct mounting in the cylinder.


  •    -  Pilot-operated check function and pipe-rupture protection in one valve
  •    -  Optimized hydraulic pilot stage gives gentle opening
  •    -  Leak-free valve seats; hardened, ground and lapped
  •    -  Load pressure acts in the closing direction

Technical Data

Type Picture Nominal flow rate  l/min Operating Pressure, dynamic bar Operating pressure, static bar Area ratio Data Sheet
DERV 8 70 350 500 1:18 DERV-8_300-P-9050061

DERV 10 100 350 500 1:18 DERV-10_300-P-9050112

Double p.o. check valve



  •    -  Stabilizer cylinders on mobile equipment