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Check Valves ERVH



Plate-type, screw-in design
Series ERVH

Pilot-operated check valves prevent any flow in one direction. In the opposite direction, free flow with minimal pressure drop is possible. By applying a defined pilot pressure at X, the checked flow direction is held open as long as the pilot pressure is maintained.


  •    -  High pressure rating
  •    -  Virtually zero leakage
  •    -  Compact construction


Technical Data

Type3 Picture Nominal Sizes Opening Pressures bar Flow rate, max. l/min Operating Pressure, max. bar Data Sheet
ERVH... 1 - 5 1 80 350(500) ERVH 170-P-052000





  •    -  Agricultural machinery
  •    -  Construction Machines
  •    -  General mechanical engineering
  •    -  Plant engineering