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QT 500

Pressure Sensor HySense® QT 500

The HySense QT 5xx is a high precision turbine flow meter which measures volumetric flow rate in stationary and mobile hydraulic equipment’s. Two MINIMESS®-test points are specially preassembled to allow both pressure and temperature sensors to be installed without shutting the equipment down. In comparison to traditional turbine flow meter’s, the QT5xx can withstand higher dynamic loads due to its structural design. The ISDS functionality realizes an automatic sensor identification and parameterization in Hydrotechnik  instruments. A further huge advantage is the optional viscosity compensation which compensates the reduction of the measurement performance relative to the viscosity change. Two main design versions are available.

  •    -  UNF / UN threads conform to ANSI B1.1 and a calibration range in GPM.
  •    -  Mechanical connection: BSPP threads conform to DIN ISO 228 and a calibration range in L/min.
  •    -  Output signal: Frequency, 4…20 mA, CAN



It is available in several flow ranges from 1 to 600lpm.


Freqeuncy 4 - 20 mA
part numberconnection range part numberconnection range
31VH-02-35.030 G1/4"    -    1…20lpm   31JH-02-35.030 G1/4"    -    1…20lpm
31VH-70-35.030 G3/4"    -    2…75lpm   31JH-70-35.030 G3/4"    -    2…75lpm
31VH-71-35.030 G1"    -    9…300lpm   31JH-71-35.030 G1"    -    9…300lpm
31VH-72-35.030 G1 1/4"     -    16…600lpm   31JH-72-35.030 G1 1/4"    -    16…600lpm
31VH-73-35.030 G3/4"    -    5…150lpm   31JH-73-35.030 G3/4"    -    5…150lpm